Farmer Frank

Phase 2: SF

Phase 2: Share-d Farming

During this phase we will be launching Farmer Frank Farms (FFF). We will be giving access to all boosted farms on Trader Joe through our platform. The only difference being that we give boosted rewards to anyone, without them needing to hold any veJOE. The protocol will keep a small cut of boosted rewards which is going to be in part rewarded to bond holders and in part reinvested.
In this phase we will also be releasing a tier system. Each bond level comes with an amount of XP.
Bond level
Level 1
Level 2
Level 3
Level 4
The more XP a user has, the higher his Farm Level.
More information on how much XP is needed per Farm Level will be released as Phase 2 approaches.
If a Bond Holder decides to farm his JLP on Farmer Frank Farms, his Farm Level will be crucial to dictate his rewards. The higher the Farm Level, the less fees the user will have to pay. More on this in the Protocol Fees page.
Once we start increasing our veJOE stake, we can diminish the proportion of veJOE locked from then onwards and increase our sJOE holdings. During this phase the protocol will start distributing rewards to bond holders. These rewards will consist of approximately 50% of protocol revenues, where the other 50% will be reinvested.
A user can keep track of these parameters thanks to the Strategy Variables page.