Farmer Frank


$FRANK will be Farmer Frank's governance token.
$FRANK represents ownership in Farmer Frank.
A maximum supply of 10,000 tokens will ever be minted.
20% of all revenue generated by the protocol will be perpetually rewarded to $FRANK token holders.
How will this work with bonds?
Bonds will earn 80% of revenue generated by the bond's underlying asset.
On the other hand, $FRANK holders will receive 20% of revenue generated by the entire protocol.
  • Bond holders are exposed only to the revenue generated thanks to their bonded asset. If a users purchases fNFT Bond (JOE), he will only earn revenue generated thanks to the optimization of Trader Joe. This concept can be better understood considering that in the future we might start optimizing farms from other protocols. Supposing a possible fNFT Bond (XXX) in the future, a JOE bond holder will not earn revenue generated thanks to the XXX token. In the same way, a fNFT Bond (XXX) holder will not earn revenue generated thanks to JOE.
  • $FRANK, on the other hand, will earn 20% generated by all operations executed on the platform. This means that while holding a bond exposes you to the optimization of a single protocol, holding $FRANK will expose you to all protocols optimized by Farmer Frank.

Other benefits for $FRANK holders

$FRANK holders will be able to vote on governance proposals.
Additional benefits such as better boosts on all Farmer Frank Farms.