Farmer Frank

Protocol Revenues

Frank uses JOE's brand-new tokenomics to provide greater capital efficiency to the Trader Joe platform. All of the synergies which emerge by aggregating sJOE and veJOE will lead to a variety of revenue streams which will in part be provided to bond holders.
  • sJOE Reward Revenue --> Trader Joe issues perpetual USDC payments as rewards for staking JOE into sJOE. Such rewards will account for this revenue stream.
  • Liquidity Reward Revenue --> When revenue gets reinvested within the protocol, part will be swapped into liquidity tokens that are going to be staked into boosted farms. Rewards generated from these farms are going to account for this revenue stream.
  • Farmer Frank Farms Fees --> In phase 2 we will be releasing Farmer Frank Farms which will allow farmers to use Farmer Frank as a veJOE proxy and have access to a boost without having to hold veJOE. There will be a boost margin kept by Farmer Frank protocol, and this will account for this revenue stream.
  • veJOE Governance Revenue --> In the future Trader Joe might introduce governance mechanics which could bring Bribing to the Avax ecosystem. All bribes reward would account for this revenue stream.