Farmer Frank



Trader Joe's governance token.


Trader Joe's veToken. Stake JOE to accrue veJOE over time and receive boosted JOE farm rewards.


Trader Joe's revenue distribution token. Staking JOE into sJOE enables users to earn part of Trader Joe's revenue.


Total Value Locked is the dollar amount of all assets locked into the Farmer Frank treasury. This includes:
  • $JOE
  • $USDC
  • LP Tokens

Weighted Shares (WS)

Weighted percentage of ownership over revenue distributed by the platform. --> Is used to distribute rewards to bond holders.

Unweighted Shares (US)

Proportional percentage of ownership over revenue reinvested within the protocol. --> Is used to distribute shares to bond holders.

fNFT Bond

NFTs issued by Farmer Frank in order to raise liquidity. Holders are entitled to receive shares generated by the protocol and a variety of benefits.


Experience points earned by possessing fNFT bonds. These will be utilized to calculate your Farm Level.

Farm Level

Farm Level will be crucial to LPs. The higher their level, the less fees they will incur when farming on Farmer Frank Farms.


Joe LP Token