Farmer Frank

About Farmer Frank

Farmer Frank is a DeFi protocol with the goal of acquiring the largest share of veJOE – a yield boosting token generated by staking JOE token on TraderJoe – the largest DEX on Avalanche. Our protocol will pool JOE from holders, to maximize the veJOE boosted Yield for all participants. There will be a calculated difference between Farmer Frank’s maximal veJOE boost rate and the rate distributed to the FF-pool yield farmers, that difference will be reinvested and distributed to fNFT Bond Holders
Users have the opportunity to provide JOE tokens, which will be permanently deposited in Farmer Frank’s treasury, in exchange for Farmer Frank NFT (fNFT) Bonds. fNFT Bonds are ERC-721 tokens and will function like perpetual bonds; holders will receive a proportional share of tokens generated by the protocol.