Farmer Frank

Farmer Frank Benefits

TraderJoe isn't the first DeFi protocol implementing a veToken used to boost farm rewards. As already seen with Curve and Platypus wars, yield optimizers accumulating veTokens of a certain protocol give a huge support to the protocol itself.
Since there is no $FRANK token yet, the only way to interact with our platform is with JOE. When minting an fNFT Bond you are locking JOE tokens in our treasury contract forever, staking them in sJOE and veJOE. The more JOE we obtain, the less there will be in the market to be sold, leading to positive price effect for JOE.
Smart farmers will prefer to use Farmer Frank Farms as we give boost access to everyone bringing higher APYs compared to the ones offered by the Trader Joe protocol. Part of the boosted rewards will be kept as a fee distributed to bond holders.